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Netflix Hangouts is a new Chrome extension that tries to make it easier to get away with watching Netflix while you’re supposed to be working. Just go to the show you want to catch up on during work hours, and press the extension’s icon in your Chrome menu to bring up a fake four-person conference call. Then you can sit back and watch the show in the window’s bottom right feed while three fake colleagues get down to business.

Depending on the show you’re watching, you couldjustabout get away with it — as long as no one notices that your conference call consists of three strangers alongside the cast ofStranger Things.

Mschf Internet Studios, which has produced a few internet curiosities like this over the years. There was the Slack channel that offered $1,000 in prize money for the first person to correctly guess each word of the day (it was shut down by Slack after just a week), a man who ate various foods as disgusting ice cream toppings, and who could forget Tabagotchi, the lovable virtual avatar that slowly died as you opened more and more tabs?

Netflix Hangouts is the latest in a long line of services designed to let you slack off at work. We’ve seen extensions that make Twitter look like Slack conversations, websites that make Reddit look like Outlook, and there was once even a website that made your Facebook News Feed look like an Excel spreadsheet.

Note thatThe Vergeaccepts no liability if you get fired for trying to watch Netflix at work. Obviously.


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