Appearing right on time during the week of the 50th anniversary of the Apollo 11 moon landing, here’s the first trailer forSnoopy in Space, an educationalPeanutsshow made exclusively for the upcoming Apple TV+ streaming service. According toDeadline,Snoopy in Space“follows Snoopy as his dreams of being an astronaut become a reality when he and Woodstock tag along with thePeanutsgang on a field trip to NASA and are chosen for an elite mission into space. As Snoopy and Woodstock fulfill their dreams of astronaut training and space travel, Charlie Brown and the gang assist their friends from mission control.”

Peanuts Worldwide and NASA recently signed the Space Act Agreement, which builds on a partnership that first began during the Apollo missions in the 1960s. (NASA even went so far as to name the Apollo 10 command and lunar modules “Charlie Brown” and “Snoopy,” respectively.) The new show will be a STEM-focused series made in collaboration with NASA, designed to spark curiosity and excitement for space exploration among students.

Apple gained the rights to the entirePeanutslibrary when it signed a deal with Peanuts Worldwide’s parent company, Canadian broadcaster DHX Media, in 2018. Apple now holds the rights to all thePeanutsanimated series, holiday specials, and shorts.

This is only the second trailer we’ve seen for an Apple TV+ show, the first beingFor All Mankind, which is coincidentally another space-themed show. Details like pricing for Apple TV+ is still unknown, but the streaming service plans to launch this fall.


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