Back in September,Monster Hunter Worldreceived its first — and only — major expansion in the form of the frigidIceborne. But that doesn’t mean the game isn’t still getting updates. In fact, in November,Worldwill receive arguably its strangest new content to date with a crossover featuring the undead world ofResident Evil.

The trailer for the crossover starts out normal enough, introducingResident Evilmainstays Leon and Claire as playable characters. But then things get strange. There are now zombified hunters and monsters inWorld, along with a space that looks like a winter cabin mixed with aResident Evilmansion. There’s even a “Thriller”-style zombie dance. The trailer ends with none other thanResident Evil 2’s notorious Mr. X making an appearance, behaving in a much more wholesome manner than players will be accustomed to.

Monster Hunter Worldis no stranger to these kinds of crossover events, with the likes ofHorizon Zero Dawn’s Aloy and Geralt fromThe Witchermaking appearances in the game. But theResident Evilmashup looks like it will take things to a whole new level. We know it’s launching sometime next month, but we’ll likely hear more details soon about when it will be available and what exactly the crossover will include.


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